Our Brief;

Re-design our house to create a home

This house was functional yet it lacked the warmth and flow of a home. For a new lease of life and a bigger kitchen the owners looked to EKL Design for a radical change….

Together we worked on ideas to create the perfect solution

A collaborative approach works well to ensure you get the best from your property and helps inform us how you use and aspirations for your home, with our professional knowledge and experience to create the end result

Interior Rooms

Kitchen & Utility are new rooms, the Dining room was the lounge, re-orientating the house creates a smoother and more comfortable flow  

 Before and after

To the left : the rear of the property before, a small utility room was being used as the main entrance due to its proximity to the small kitchen and function within the house. It is now re-designed to form a beautiful study and proper rear entrance door servicing both front and rear gardens.